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Jim and Heather at the lava fields in Maui, Hawaii

Jim and Heather at the lava fields in Maui, Hawaii


Travel the world through your cup of coffee!

The idea for Mugging Whales Coffee began on our vacation to Maui, Hawaii in February 2018. Coffee is a passion of ours, so we spent some time seeking out little coffee shops and fresh beans to enjoy while we took in the island life.

Once we discovered Maui Mokka® coffee, we were hooked. But we had a hard time finding these beans when we came back home (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada). We thought about ordering beans online from Maui. We also sought out local roasters to see if they could source some for us. Then we thought, “Why just order them for ourselves when we could start a coffee company and offer a variety of premium coffees from around the world?”

We partner with a local professional roaster who has over 25 years experience selecting and roasting coffee beans to unlock their richest aromas and flavours. We offer whole beans only because they stay fresh longer than ground coffee.

We select single origin coffees (with the exception of our espresso blends) that are as unique as the countries they come from.

How did we get our name?


“So far we have tried the Sumatra and the Mexican blends and have been blown away by the smooth, flavorful tastes with no bitter after tastes. We served it at a family dinner and everyone had such positive reviews, we had to brew another pot for second helpings! We've always considered ourselves a bit of coffee snobs and will always buy a quality coffee, but after running out of the Mugging Whales blends, and going back to our other favorites, we realized what we've been missing! We will definitely be stocking up and trying other blends to find all of our favorites! Keep up the great roasts!”
— Michelle R (Winnipeg, MB) | June 2, 2019

“Best coffee I have ever tasted. Amazing!”
— Customer at St. Norbert Popup Market (Winnipeg, MB) | April 19, 2019

"The Kenyan coffee beans we purchased from you yesterday in Brandon is one of the best coffee we have ever had!!! Will definitely be purchasing more in the future!!!"
Rick B (Brandon, MB)  |  December 3, 2018

“Awesome back story to their business, awesome product. Love the fact we are getting premium lines of coffee beans that are roasted locally. And now, to enjoy another cup!”
— Mark E (Winnipeg, MB) | November 9, 2019

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