How Did We Get Our Name?

Humpback whale calf (Maalaea Harbour, Maui, Hawaii)

Humpback whale calf (Maalaea Harbour, Maui, Hawaii)


One of the most amazing experiences we've ever had was the whale watching tour we went on while we were in Maui. Within a few minutes of leaving the harbour, we stopped to watch a humpback whale mother and her calf. Off in the distance, about four miles away, we were also watching a few more whales breaching.

As our boat got closer to the breaching whales, they disappeared. We waited patiently for them to make another appearance. It was worth the wait... one whale surfaced right beside our boat, so close that we could see all the barnacles and almost reach out to touch it! A few minutes later, two whales surfaced in front of our boat and started to swim toward us!

There is a law that boats must stay 100 yards away from the whales for their protection. If the whales decide to come closer, however, the boat engine must be turned off and you’re stuck there until the whales move away. So we were stuck... for almost two hours!

This is what’s called a “Maui mugging” or a “whale mugging.”

To top it all off, when we were finally able to engage the engine again and head for shore, we were treated to a sighting of false killer whales swimming alongside the humpback whales! This was a very rare occurrence... so rare, in fact, that most of the naturalists on board had never even seen a false killer whale before.

Our trip to Maui was a symbol of new beginnings for both of us. From the beauty of the island to such an amazing whale watching experience, we came home with a sense of renewal. It’s time for change in our lives. We’re ready to pursue new opportunities. Our “Maui mugging” experience has been the inspiration for Mugging Whales Premium Coffee Company.